Owner/ Founder

“I’m so proud of The Vault by Volpe Beringer which is fulfilling my fantasy to be a relevant designer by unlocking the luxury resale market for people with disabilities. The site is the only platform in the world that melds sustainability with accessibility through the complimentary custom adaptive menu so that luxury designer resale clothing is available to everyone no matter their ability or disability.”



“I have taken on a lot of projects but this one is definitely the most meaningful. I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact while doing something that I love and seeing this accessible, diverse and sustainable platform come to life is a dream come true for so many people and definitely a game-changer! I hope to see other brands follow in The Vault’s footsteps in the near future. Fashion is for everyone!”


House Model/ Social Media Manager

“Sustainability and inclusivity are the future of fashion but are not always recognized as such. This site is a pioneer in not only incorporating these elements but celebrating them to seamlessly offer an accessible experience for all. A fun site that I’ve had the pleasure to see grow, and from every step of the way has been filled with respect, dedication, thoughtfulness, and love. Not a fashion industry standard but should be!”



Lifestyle Model

“I have always adored editorial and high-end fashion. When I was younger, I had big dreams of walking the runway with Luxury brands. Unfortunately, breaking into that world as a disabled adult has proven to be very difficult. The world, although we have seen some progress…Nancy is not only demanding this to be done, but she is out here doing it herself.”


Lifestyle Model

“I love wearing pieces that have history and I love giving a home to pieces that already exist. However, vintage shopping and thrifting are not always easy for me as a wheelchair user. It can be difficult to discern what will fit properly and even if I do really love a piece, it can be difficult to make it work with my wheelchair.” 


Lifestyle Model

“The Vault by Volpe Beringer is proving that clothing, specifically high-fashion, designer clothing can be both fashionable and functional. As a little person, I often felt overlooked and unseen in fashion. The Vault allows me to be myself, to feel beautiful. It is a space where disabled people are seen and heard and where design truly has no limits.”


Lifestyle Model

“Imagine receiving an authentic Gucci hoodie in a size small but not feeling comfortable or confident in it because of your very lean body type. This is often my reality so, the idea of adaptable fashion resonates with me and I am excited to be an active contributor. My closet is full of pieces that I thought would compliment my size but, most do not. However, there is hope and the thought of being able to bring new life to my closet is inspiring.”


Lifestyle Model

“One of the most significant things about the Vault is the important mission and vision and value of what it stands for and then you get the opportunity to wear unique pieces that not only elevate your confidence and your mindset but you automatically become a game changer.”


Lifestyle Model

“The Vault by Volpe Beringer is our time machine. We can travel back to grab some vintage designer goods, then fly forward to a future that is accessible and sustainable. Finally, a world where those who are disabled or require certain adaptations to their garments can wear anything they want.”


The Vault Contributor

“This platform is something I have never seen before in the fashion industry. Fashion should make you feel good and it should be accessible for everyone. We really put in the effort to talk to the disabled community to hear their voices and we have learned so much. We have come a long way in creating this platform and we will continue to adapt to everyone’s needs.”


Lifestyle Model

“The Vault is every fashion connoisseur’s mini escape. It’s refuge to so many amazing archival pieces. An art gallery in itself. And what makes The Vault so unique is Nancy Volpe Berringer, herself and her relentless effort to be inclusive. She is the change she wants to see in this world, and a force to be reckoned with. These timeless fashion pieces have finally met a time where it is for everyone. And to this, we salute you Nancy.”


The Vault Contributor

“The Vault by Volpe Beringer is truly changing the landscape of fashion for the better. The industry has been in need of a wake up call for broader diversity and inclusivity for a long time and this platform is breaking ground in allowing fashion to finally be accesible to everyone. I hope to see other brands bring in the same ideals of sustainability and inclusivity The Vault focuses on into their ethos to allow the world of high-end fashion to open to everybody.”


Lifestyle Model

“The Vault by Volpe Beringer is extremely innovative. Inclusivity and accessibility are two things Nancy keeps at the forefront of her mind with every project she does, and The Vault by Volpe Beringer encompasses that. Working on this project and knowing Nancy has made it that much sweeter and I can’t wait to see the impact it is going to have on the clients in the fashion industry!”


Lifestyle Model

“It was an extreme honor to be asked to be a part of The Vault by Volpe Beringer. Being in the world of fashion for as long as I have both in retail, styling, and cut and sew, this is an exciting new ground for Volpe Beringer's clothing and for the industry. Nancy's vision and execution are taking pieces to different levels in wardrobes allowing new functionality of the treasures she's collected. Each of the treasures collected hold memories of what that piece brought, these pieces bring the wearer new memories beginning the new life cycle.”



“Throughout my career in film and photography, I have never come across a project that is as inclusivity forward as The Vault by Volpe Beringer! This is a huge step in the fashion industry and I am honored to be able to help in the process. From the accessibility of the online store to the adaptive options that can be added, I could not be more proud of the team! Everyone deserves to feel BEAUTIFUL!”