Read testimonials from disabled members of our lifestyle team about The Vault by Volpe Beringer and their experiences with resale fashion, highlighting the need for adaptable design within the marketplace.

“The Vault by Volpe Beringer represents collaboration, socializing, sharing, and advocates for the disabled community. Fashion is an art and function is a science. Nancy and her team have perfected both angles by recycling, adapting, and recreating.”

— Josiah Lindsay

“The Vault is creating a space for all lovers of clothing to celebrate their own unique bodies. I never dreamed of having the option to alter a piece of clothing  in a way that works for my body and my chair. I’ve so often had to sacrifice function for fashion or fashion for function. The Vault gives me a chance to blend both function AND fashion.”

— Bri Scalesse

“The Vault has made my childhood dreams come true. Disabled people deserve to feel fashionable, luxurious, and creative. Adaptive does not have to mean boring - and nobody knows that better than Nancy.”

— Julian Gavino

“As a little person, I often felt overlooked and unseen in fashion. The Vault allows me to be myself, to feel beautiful. It is a space where disabled people are seen and heard and where design truly has no limits.”

— Jillian Curwin